Meet The Team


Julie is a wife and mother of 2 lovely boys and a dog called Luna. Loves the outdoors, walking, camping, vegetarian cooking,
practising yoga and meditation.

“I love all things natural and passionately try to eradicate chemicals from our home in the products we use daily.

I qualified in reiki in 1995 , never having heard of reiki before I went along to my level 1 training with my reflexologist at the time and all of a sudden my life changed , working with energy healing and reiki became a way of life for me

In more recent years my passion for yoga took on a different level when I saw how it helped my son who has a diagnosis of ASC and dyspraxia, so much so I decided to train as a children’s yoga teacher to roll out the benefits to more children across Staffordshire and Cheshire

I am a reiki master and have many years of working with energy healing and I naturally work intuitively with clients as a natural healer and empath. I can offer Reiki
treatments and training courses, reflexology, crystal healing, Indian head massage, holistic facials and pamper packages for both adults and children.


I am so honoured to be a part of the
fabulous Reiki Room team after first being
introduced to Reiki by the wonderful Julie.

My journey with Reiki was born from
intrigue and a passion for all things holistic and after my first session, I was hooked.

Reiki has continually been a part of my life for several years and I find it fascinating how it works on all levels, the physical and the subtle body.

My love for Reiki led me to complete both my level 1 and 2 with Julie and I
enjoy combining it with crystals and
essential oils.
Outside of Reiki, I am a mum to 3 amazing children and also a certified yoga teacher,
running classes for children of all ages within the local area.


Sean is not your stereotypical Yogi.

These are his own words.
“Over 50, over weight (slightly), known to swear a little, a bit barmy, likes a drink and looks rubbish in Lycra. And I’m a man.
The acceptance of all of me now brings me peace”

Sean runs adult yoga sessions including slow Hatha, mens healing circle and mens yoga.